Journal Announcements

23-01-2013: African Journal of Rhetoric 3

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that the I announce the publication of the Volume 3 of the African Journal of Rhetoric. The publication was delayed due to budgetary constraints but eventually, we managed to publish it. The Editor is particularly grateful to HEARD, UKZN who has funded this volume as well as the previous volume. HEARD has been a great supporter and collaborator of the African Association for Rhetoric (AAR). Complimentary copies have been sent to all the authors. Kindly feel free to ask for an invoice should you require it to process your subscription.



Dr Segun Ige,

Chair, Steering Committee

African Association for Rhetoric (AAR)


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30-10-2012: Itineration launch and call for submissions

The electronic peer reviewed journal Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media and Culture officially launched on October 1st. The journal has put out a call for submissions. As it works on a rolling submission schedule, there is no deadline.


For more information see the Itineration website here or see the call for submissions here.

07-08-2012: International Call for Editors - Itinerations

Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture is an international, refereed, scholarly publication that looks to use multiple media to map points of connections between rhetoric, media, and culture. We are published in partnership with punctum books, and will launch our first Call for Submissions this October.

Itineration is currently seeking associate editors and copyeditors from a variety of disciplines including rhetoric. Associate editors are responsible for reviewing submissions for content, while copyeditors are responsible for proofreading submissions and performing basic copyediting tasks. For more information about Itineration or to inquire about a position as an associate editor or copyeditor, please email senior editor, Cynthia Bateman at <>.


For more see here

07-08-2012: Call for papers - Icono 14

Icono 14 is an online peer-review and open access journal concerning Communication and New Technologies published quarterly. Articles are usually written in Spanish, but papers written in English are also accepted.

We are seeking manuscripts for a monographic issue on rethoric to be published on January 2013.


For more see here (in Spanish)

20-04-2012: New issue - Argumentation et Analyse du Discours

The new issue of Argumentation et Analyse du Discours is now ready. See here for the announcement text (In French).

13-12-2011: Call for Papers, RSQ

We are seeking papers to be included in a proposal for the 2013 RSQ Special Issue. Guest editors are: Alan Finlayson (Swansea University, UK), Ying Yuan (Soochow University, China), and Lisa S. Villadsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark).

The proposed special issue of RSQ will be devoted to the matter of mutual introduction of national/regional scholarly communities among rhetoric scholars around the world.


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