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Important: The RSE is now a legal body

During the RSE E-Board meeting of April 2018 the RSE Board decided unanimously to establish a legal body for the Rhetoric Society of Europe to be able to continue working on the further professionalization of the organization. As such, in August 2018 the Rhetoric Society of Europe was established as a non – profit organization according to Belgian law: Rhetoric Society of Europe VZW (0701.633.959).

The goal of the organization is described as follows:

To advance the academic study of rhetoric in its broadest sense in Europe by impoving the contact between several academics and universities, stimulating publications and organizing an international conference in Europe every two years.

The organization will be able to organize several activities with the aim of obtaining the necessary funds to achieve its goal. The organisation will be able to deploy in general every action in direct or indirect connection with its goals, by means of transmission, input, fusion, participation, financial support, or through any other means to provide coöperation for and show interest in activities that are similar to its goal.

The full statutes of the VZW (at this moment only in Dutch) can be found here. At this moment, these statutes replace the current bylaws. An extended English summary of these statutes will follow in due course.

At the next Rhetoric in Society conference in September 2019, we will provide further information regarding the legal body, about how the structure of the VZW is related to the society in general and we will discuss the next steps.


The Rhetoric Society of Europe (RSE) is an organization for European researchers and teachers working on the art of rhetoric.

The purpose of RSE is to promote and advance the research, study and teaching of rhetoric in Europe, and to facilitate professional cooperation between its members. The society provides a forum where researchers and others involved in rhetorical research and teaching can meet and exchange ideas, information and documentation about their work.

Even though it is an important aim of the RSE to stimulate European research and teaching in rhetoric, we welcome members from all parts of the world. The RSE not only wishes to improve and enhance European research, but also to facilitate international cooperation in the research, study and teaching of rhetoric.

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The RSE welcome new members - both rhetoric scholars and scholars from other disciplines with an interest in rhetoric, argumentation and communication.

At the moment membership is free of charge. At a later stage a small membership fee will apply and sections of the website may be closed off in a members only section.

We encourage you to become members now to help the study of rhetoric to flourish and to enjoy the membership benefits.

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