Name: Country: University: Affiliation: Position: Email: Keywords:
Kristine Marie Berg Denmark University of Copenhagen Dept. Of Media, Cognition and Communication Assistant Professor Language Ideologies; Rhetorical Citizenship; Intercultural Dialogue; European Union
Kirsten Davis USA Stetson University College of Law Professor Rhetorical Criticism; Identity; Kenneth Burke; Law; Rhetorical Theory
Robert Delp England Cardiff University PhD Fellow (Submitted) Rhetoric in Western Thought; Political Campaigns; Barrack Obama; Rhetoric and Identity; Kenneth Burke
Jason Edwards USA Bridgewater State University Dept. Of Communication Studies Assistant Professor Myth and Rhetoric; Collective Memory; Presidential Rhetoric; Apologies; American Foreign Policy Culture
Jan Grue Norway Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences PhD Fellow Discourse; The Topic; Disability; Identity
Signe Pildal Hansen Denmark Aarhus University Danish School of Education Associate Professor Rhetorical Ethos; Rhetoric of Knowledge; Politics of Knowledge; Analysis of Sociality; Analysis of Contemporary Time
Irit Kornblit Israel Bar-Ilan University ADARR Research Group PhD Student postmodern identity; Social Imagery and Metaphor; Naming; France; European Union
Manfred Kraus Germany University of Tübingen Philologisches Seminar Akademischer Rat History; Argumentation; Probability; Exercises; Culture
Stefan Rimm Sweden Uppsala University Teacher/Reseacher History of Rhetoric; History of Education; Identity; Early Modern Period; Rhetoric and Education
Gianluigi Sassu England University of London Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies Dr. (Visiting Fellow) Political Philosophy; Machiavelli; Philosophy of Communication; Rhetoric and Marxism; Rhetoric and Community