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Environmental Rhetoric

Name: Country: University: Affiliation: Position: Email: Keywords:
Peter Goggin USA Arizona State University Dept. Of English Associate Professor Literacy Theory; Writing Technology; Environmental Rhetoric; Sustainability; Rhetoric of Place
Øyvind Ihlen Norway Univiersity of Oslo Dept. Of Media and Communication Professor Public Relations; Corporate Rhetoric; Environmental Rhetoric
Pieter Maeseele Belgium University of Antwerp Faculty of Political and Social Sciences Professor Risk Conflicts; Ideology; (de-)politicization; Science, Risk and Environmental Communication; Media Sociology
Simon Malkenes Norway Ulsrud VGS Lektor Apocalyptic Rhetoric; Environmental Rhetoric; 9/11 Rhetoric; Narratology; Ethos
Esben Bjerggaard Nielsen Denmark Aarhus University School of Communication and Culture Assistant Professor Apocalyptic Rhetoric; Environmental Rhetoric; Narrative Rhetoric; Rhetorical Criticism; Burkean Rhetoric
Paul Walker USA Murray State University Associate Professor Composition; Argumentation; Environmental Rhetoric; Rhetoric and Religion; Writing Assesment
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