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Discourse Analysis

Name: Country: University: Affiliation: Position: Email: Keywords:
Ruth Amossy Israel Tel-Aviv University Dept. Of French Professor Emiritus Argumentation in Discourse; Discourse Analysis; Ethos; Polemical Discourse
Achieng Beverly South Africa University of Witwatersrand PhD Student Newspaper Coverage; Post Election  Violence; Framing Effects; Critical Discourse Analysis; Context and Reception
Ruth Breeze Spain University of Navarra Institute of Modern Languages Directer (Dr.) Discourse Analysis; Legal Discourse; Corporate Discourse; Political Rhetoric; Argumentation
Frans van Eemeren  Netherlands University of Amsterdam Emeritys Professor Argumentation Theory; Rhetoric; Discourse Analysis; Speech Communication
Jiska Engelbert Netherlands Erasmus University Rotterdam Media Studies Assistant Professor Discourse Analysis; Media; Politics; Social Change; Conflict/Controversy
Ivan Fomin Russia Russian Academy of Science, ISISS PhD Fellow Political Discourse; Political Linguistics; Discourse Analysis
G. Thomas Goodnight USA University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication Professor Rhetorical Theory; Public Sphere; Discourse Analysis; Economics; Communication Theory and Practice
Jan Grue Norway Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences PhD Fellow Discourse; The Topic; Disability; Identity
Craig Hamilton France University of Haute Alsace Institut d'Anglais Associate Professor Cognitive Rhetoric; Stylistics; Discourse Analysis; Scientific Discourse; Cognitive Linguistics
Lise-Lotte Holmgreen Denmark University of Aalborg Associate Professor Discourse Analysis; Framing; Gender and Management; Organisational Culture
Sylvie Housiel Israel Tel-Aviv University Dept. Of French / ADARR Lecturer Rhetoric; Argumentation; Discourse Analysis; Epistolary Discourse; Social, Political and Propaganda during war-time
Yngve Benestad Hågvar Norway Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences PhD Fellow Media Rhetoric; Online Newspapers; Discourse Analysis
Ofer Katchergin  Israel Levinsky academic college & Tel-Aviv university Lecturer Rhetorical Analysis; Rhetorical Studies of Science; The Rhetoric of Medicine; Critical Discourse Analysis; Visual Rhetoric; Deception
Jeroen Lauwers Belgium K.U. Leuven PhD Fellow Second Sophistic; Ancient Greek Literature; Literary Theory; Discourse Analysis; Systemic Theory
Lotta Lehti Finland University of Tarku Dept. of French Post.Doc Discourse Analysis; Rhetoric and New Media; Genre; Argumentation; Ethos
Karina Masasa Israel Bar-Ilan University ADARR Research Group PhD Student Discourse Analysis; Argumentation; Rhetoric of Media
Eric Opoku Mensah Ghana University of Cape Coast Centre for Rhetoric PhD Candadate / Lecturer Rhetoric; Metaphor; Political; Discourse; Cognition
François Provenzano Belgium Université de Liége  Discourse Theory; The History and Epistemology of Rhetoric; Media Discourses; Representation in Meta-Literature
Jeanne Strunck Denmark University of Aalborg Dept. For Culture and Global Studies Associate Professor Discourse Analysis; Gender and Language; Political Discourse; Health Communication; Organizational Discourse
Assimakis Tseronis Netherlands University of Amsterdam Media Studies Assistant Professor Multimodal Argumentation; Stylistics; Discourse Analysis; Mediated Political Communication; Science Communication
Justin Vaughn USA Boise University Dept. Of Political Science Assistant Professor Presidential Rhetoric; Discourse Analysis; Political Communication; Rhetoric and New Media
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