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Name: University: Affiliation: Position: Email: Keywords:
Judi Atkins Coventry University Lecturer Rhetoric; Political Speech; Ideology; Leadership; British Politics
Andrew Scott Crines University of Huddersfield Lecturer Oratory; Political Speech; British Politics; Elite Leadership; European Union Politics
Robert Delp Cardiff University PhD Fellow (Submitted) Rhetoric in Western Thought; Political Campaigns; Barack Obama; Identity; Kenneth Burke
Alan Finlayson University of East Anglia Dept. Of Political, Social and International Studies Professor Rhetoric and Ideology; Rhetoric and Political Theory/Philosophy; British Politics; Parliamentary Rhetoric; Invention
Neil Foxlee University of Central Lancashire Associate Lecturer Political Rhetoric; Rhetoric of Narrative; Visual Rhetoric; Theory (Bakhtin); Rhetorical Critical Method
Sara Gray Swansea University PhD Student Settler Colonialism; Rhetorical Criticism; Mythical Criticism; Memory Studies
Derek Hampson University for the Creative Arts School of Fine Arts Course Leader Art & Rhetoric; Heidegger; Grassi; Metaphor; Politics
Thierry Hirsch University of Oxford Classics Faculty Doctoral Student Cicero; Ancient Rhetoric; Quintillian; Argumentation Theory
Arlene Holmes-Henderson University of Glasgow Researcher Classical Rhetoric; Plato; Aristotle; Democratic Deliberation; Citizenship
Can Kücükali Lancaster University PhD Student Turkey; CDA; PDA; Political Discourse; Rhetorical Strategies; Rhetorical Figures
James Martin Goldsmiths, University of London Professor Politics; Psychoanalysis; Gramschi; Aesthetics; Emotions
Lene Rubinstein Royal Halloway University of London Centre for Oratory and Rhetoric Professor Greek (direct) Democracy; Attic Oratory; Oratory and Rhetoric in Inter-State Relations; Legal Education; Forensic Oratory (Ancient and Modern)
Gianluigi Sassu University of London Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies Dr. (Visiting Fellow) Political Philosophy; Machiavelli; Philosophy of Communication; Rhetoric and Marxism; Rhetoric and Community
Johan Siebers University of Central Lancashire Sr. Lecturer Rhetoric and Philosophy; Post-Kantian German Philosophy; Ernst Bloch; Metaphysics
Nick Turnbull University of Manchester School of Social Sciences Lecturer Political Rhetoric; Philosophy of Rhetoric; Michael Meyer; Problematology; Governance
Emma Vine Sheffield Hallam University Senior Lecturer Rhetorical Psychology; Visual Rhetoric
Guy Westwood University of Oxford Classics Faculty Leventis Research Fellow Political Oratory; Democratic Rhetoric; Classical Athenian Oratory; Demosthenes; Aeschines
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