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Researcher Database

The purpose of RSE is to promote and advance the research, study and teaching of rhetoric in Europe, and to facilitate professional cooperation between its members. The RSE has therefore established a members database listing researchers in the field of rhetoric.


The database consists of lists of rhetoric scholars and is divided both by nationality and by research interests. The latter features a list of several issues within rhetorical studies, which people have been sorted under. However, the entry for each person in the database also lists his or hers particular interests. We hope that this will make it possible for rhetoricians to find others with the same research interests as themselves, allowing for a strengthening of regional and international cooperation.


Should you wish to be a part of the RSE database, you can join the RSE by downloading and filling out the information form by right-clicking here. Then send the filled out form to Esben Bjerggaard Nielsen.

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Revised 15.02.2016