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Next Rhetoric in Society Conference

Rhetoric Society of Europa and the Polish Rhetorical Society are delighted to invite you to the fifth Rhetoric in Society conference in Warsaw, June 24-27 2015.
The Rhetoric Society of Europe organizes a cycle of biannual conferences, unified by a common topic: Rhetoric in Society.
The main purpose of the Rhetoric in Society conferences is to bring together scholars sharing a common interest in the modern applications of rhetoric as involved in different contemporary social phenomena.
After the success of the previous editions, the Rhetoric in Society 5 conference is organized in collaboration with the Polish Rhetorical Society in Warsaw (24-27.06.2015). The venue of the conference is the University of Warsaw. The theme for the 2015 edition is “Rhetoric in the Knowledge Society”.
Please go to the website for more information and call for papers.

Welcome to The Rhetoric Society of Europe

Dear rhetorician,

In Europe research and teaching in rhetoric has been steadily increasing in the last decades. However our work in rhetoric seems to have been confined to separate nations or regions without much contact between different European research communities.

Fortunately this is changing. We are meeting each other at conferences, we are exchanging ideas, and we are planning European research projects.

Perhaps the most telling example of this development is the website you are visiting now: The homepage of the newly established Rhetoric Society of Europe (RSE).

The Rhetoric Society of Europe (RSE) is an organization for European researchers and teachers working on the art of rhetoric. The purpose of RSE is to promote and advance the research, study and teaching of rhetoric in Europe, and to facilitate professional cooperation between our members.

Even though it is an important aim of the RSE to stimulate the communities of Europe, we welcome members from all parts of the world. The RSE not only wishes to improve and enhance European research, but also to facilitate international cooperation. You can read the short history of the society here.

Presently the most important tool to achieve our goals is our homepage, which contains information about rhetoricians in Europe, study programmes, journals, organisations and conferences.

We have only just begun this work and invite everyone to provide more information about events, publications and institutions in your own countries.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our Forum, which is meant to be a place for RSE members and other interested in the study of Rhetoric to ask and answer questions as well as debate topics related to rhetorical studies.

We also aim to establish a European journal for the study of rhetoric, and have already begun the preliminary work in this important endeavour.

In January 2013 the fourth Rhetoric in Society Conference was  held in Copenhagen. During the conference RSE held its first General Assembly and adopted the Constitution and Bylaws for our organization.

This new reality, I am certain, will help support and connect the growing and flourishing rhetoric communities in Europe.


Jens E. Kjeldsen

President of The Rhetoric Society of Europe

News Feed

04-08-2014: Be sure to check out the information about the RiS 2015 conference. RSE and The Polish Rhetorical Society hope to see you in Warsaw in June 2015.

04-08-2014: New posts have been added both in the News section and under New Publications.

01-07-2014: The RSE Database has been updated. New countries have been added.

04-06-2014: The News and New Publication sections have both been updated.

21-03-2014: The News Section has been updated with new conference calls.

12-03-2014: The News Section has been updated with a new job position.

10-03-2014: The New Publications section has been updated. See here for new books and article announcements from our members.

03-02-2014: The January updates to the Researcher Database are in effect. Also, see the News Section for new CfPs.

30-01-2014: The News Section has been updated with new CfPs.

10-01-2014: The News Section has been updated with new events.

19-12-2013: The Database has been updated with a number of new members' information.

10-10-2013: The Database and News Section have both been updated.

23-04-2013: There is a new RSE Newsletter out. See News section for more.

23-04-2013: Some people have experienced problems opening some (though not all) links in the News section. This seems to only be a problem, when using Internet Explorer. We are working on figuring out and fixing the problem, but in the meantime using Firefox, Chrome or another browser should allow you to get working links.

22-04-2013: News from the RSE - The newly adopted Constitution and Bylaws are now available on the site. Furthermore, the minutes from the General Assembly in Copenhagen in January can be found in the News section. 

01-02-2013: Please see the News section for several new calls for papers and articles.

23-01-2013: See the New Publication section for news on the new African Journal of Rhetoric issue.

21-01-2013: On Friday January 18 the general assembly chose to accept the RSE Constitution and elected the founding executive board as the first official executive board of the Rhetoric Society of Europe. The RSE is now officially in business.

14-01-2013: Please see the News section for a tentative agenda for the general assembly of the RSE on January 18 in Copenhagen.

18-12-2012: A list of the new Advisory Board has been uploaded. You can find it on the Executive Board page in the About RSE section.

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