Next RSE Conference: Pavia, September 11-13, 2019

The 7th Rhetoric in Society conference will be at the Collegio Giasone Del Maino, University of Pavia, in Italy on September 11-13, 2019. The theme will be "Rhetoric and the New Languages of Politics and Information". Be on the lookout for a call for papers during 2018.

Until then a brief look back to our time together in Norwich back in the summer of 2017.

Welcome to The Rhetoric Society of Europe


Dear rhetorician,

In Europe research and teaching in rhetoric has been steadily increasing in the last decades. However our work in rhetoric seems to have been confined to separate nations or regions without much contact between different European research communities.

Fortunately this is changing. We are meeting each other at conferences, we are exchanging ideas, and we are planning European research projects.

In January 2013 the fourth Rhetoric in Society Conference was held in Copenhagen. During the conference RSE held its first General Assembly and adopted the Constitution and Bylaws for our organization.  

The Rhetoric Society of Europe (RSE) is an organization for European researchers and teachers working on the art of rhetoric. The purpose of RSE is to promote and advance the research, study and teaching of rhetoric in Europe, and to facilitate professional cooperation between our members.

Even though it is an important aim of the RSE to stimulate the communities of Europe, we welcome members from all parts of the world. The RSE not only wishes to improve and enhance European research, but also to facilitate international cooperation. You can read the short history of the society here.

Presently the most important tool to achieve our goals is our homepage, which contains information about rhetoricians in Europe, study programmes, journals, organisations and conferences.

We have only just begun this work and invite everyone to provide more information about events, publications and institutions in your own countries.  We also encourage you to our group Facebook, which is meant to be a place for RSE members and others interested in the study of Rhetoric to ask and answer questions as well as debate topics related to rhetorical studies.

We also aim to establish a European journal for the study of rhetoric, and have already begun the preliminary work in this important endeavour.